Team Building Activities and Games

Team Building Activities

Da Vinci Code

The Ultimate Team Adventure

Team Building Activities - Da Vinci Code

Designed to answer the huge interest created by Dan Brown's bestseller, Da Vinci Code has everything you expect of an Ultimate Team Building Experience.

Embark on a trilling, one-of-a-kind combination of mystery, intrigue, famous art and secret messages.

Your team will discover their hidden talents: creativity, problem solving, and great communication skills in this race  against the clock.


to experience this groundbreaking challenge!

Reality Show Based
Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities

The Amazing Race Type

Team Building Activities - The Amazing Race - Reality Show Based This amazing team adventure is a fusion of group think, interactive challenges and a race across Phoenix (or any city). It can include finding clues, physical challenges, problem solving tasks, building challenges, etc. By using the template of CBS’s The Amazing Race in conjunction with team dynamic training, the adventure has all the excitement of the TV show along with strong team growth components.

The Apprentice Type

Team Building Activities - The Apprentice - Reality Show Based

Your team will endure rigorous tasks and compete in the most exhilarating team challenge ever. Everyone will have the opportunity to excel at the ever imaginative and challenging business related missions. The tasks will test their intelligence, chutzpah and street smarts. Teams will complete sometimes humorous, but always difficult assignments and will be forced to think outside the box in order to win in the game where teamwork is crucial to success.

The Survivor Type

Team Building Activities - Survivor - Reality Show Based

Enjoy challenges of strategy, fun and wits to win. Trust, communication, cooperation, leadership and project management are the key elements to survive this hands-on fun team building process. Select a program lasting from 2 hours to 2 days. Compete or cooperate. Vote for the ultimate survivor team (no voting off).

Tired of ordinary events, with a canned, boring approach? We're the people to call!

Companies choose us as their corporate team building activities source again and again, because they recognize our commitment to providing something new, fresh and out of the box.

Our creative department creates amazing challenges and programs fused with a unique brand of fun that energizes, rejuvenates and educates everyone involved.

Something magical happens with people: they play, create and achieve together. They begin to learn important things about one another. Interpersonal relationships grow, morale improves and cooperation increases.

Your group will walk away from the corporate team building event with a strong bond, forged by the hurdles they've conquered. And guess what?  Employee performance sky rockets.

Frankly, our Corporate Team Building Activities are amazing!

You can start from any location of your choice - a conference hall for example, have an Amazing Race in your city’s downtown, do a Treasure Hunt in a park and finish in a restaurant.

Anywhere in Phoenix, Arizona, Los Angeles, California, Houston, Texas and the USA.

Team Building Activities

Classic Team Building Acitvities - Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Embark on a journey in search of hidden treasure. Teams work together unlocking clues, searching for letters and symbols, deciphering cryptic messages and overcoming a variety of fun challenges. A superb get-to-know-you while being motivational and fun. Ultimately, the real treasure is found through team tactics of cooperation, strategy, wits and style
A winning combination for your corporate team building!!!

Classic Team Building Acitvities - Orienteering

Corporate Challenge

You can select from a huge and exciting assortment of challenges that require a variety of individual and interpersonal skills. You can choose different "zones" for your event: "Adrenaline", "Fun", "Mystery", "Adventure", "Creative", etc. to meet your team building event objectives. Great way to build trust and leadership, to improve communication, critical thinking and teamwork.

Classic Team Building Acitvities - Orienteering

Orienteering with the Queen of Orienteering

Get hands-on experience and learn life-saving map and compass skills. Combine them with decision making and strategic route planning. Individuals work in teams to identify roles, problem solve, and overcome challenges as a cohesive unit. Orienteering parallels the concepts and practices needed in the work place to make any organization successful. You will get the best Orienteering team building experience in Phoenix or USA. Half the fun is getting lost, the other is realizing you are in a team!

Our Approach

  Whether you're organizing a team event, a conference, an away day, a fun day or team meeting - if you're bringing people together and want to include a team building or motivational element - we can help! Our corporate team building events really get people working together, having fun and achieving success.

  Team building activities are suitable for groups of between 8 and 500 participants and range in duration from about an hour to 4 days.

  Our approach involves setting your group a challenging but achievable goal…and then standing back and letting them get on with it. The challenge should be fun, engaging and highly participative. It should encourage groups to think outside the box while, at the same time, it will be apparent that success comes through pooling all the skills, resources and experience within the team; or in other words…TEAMWORK!

  We steer away from the type of corporate team building that involves your people queuing up to take a turn or that set individuals against one another.

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